Mark Meditatieavonden

SAM_1046MARK: “Wij hebben het gevoel dat het beste waar je je op dit moment bewust van kan zijn, de onbeperkte natuur van je spirit of ziel is; dat je niet begrensd bent door je fysieke wezen, persoonlijkheid of geschiedenis. Ieder van ons als individu kan functioneren in zeer veelzijdige dimensies die het begrip te boven gaan. We willen dat je in wonderen begint te geloven, in magie, in het onmogelijke, het ongelofelijke, in het niet-begrijpelijke, het onwaarschijnlijke. We willen dat de mensheid, zo veel als mogelijk is, elke barrière van het denken doorbreekt.”
MARK geeft al bijna 30 jaar workshops en wekelijkse cursussen via Jonette Crowley
Elke woensdagavond is er de mogelijkheid naar de Mark meditaties van Jonette Crowley te luisteren.
Locatie: Leidsevaartweg in Heemstede
Bijdrage: 4 euro
Meld je svp aan via:  dan krijg je extra informatie.
Tijd: inloop 19.30 uur. We starten met de meditatie om 20.oo uur tot ongeveer 22.00 uur.
Alle meditaties zijn in het Engels.
Er is ook een MARK meditatiegroep in Haarlem op dinsdag, deze is niet meer onder Ine’s beheer.
Locatie van de disndag-groep: Lavendelstraat in Haarlem
Neem contact op met Geert ( voor meer informatie.
We luisteren altijd naar de nieuwste serie van Mark als die beschikbaar zijn, en anders naar recente herhalingen van Mark; info hieronder.
En natuurlijk kan je ook zelf thuis (alleen of met anderen) luisteren naar de Mark series.
Voor ander Mark-groepen in Nederland zie de  website: Jonette Crowley in Nederland
Er is sinds kort ook een virtuele Mark-groep. Luisteren in een groep vanuit je eigen huiskamer!
Informatie op Jonette’s website
De meditaties zijn te bestellen via de website van Jonette Crowley: Mark series
Via de website van Jonette zijn ook gratis meditaties te beluisteren van Mark: Ga naar: Free Meditations
“We promote disorientation because your past orientation is built on limitation. You must be disoriented in order to be re-oriented to the greater reality that is dawning around and within you.” Mark
The 10th Dimension – Embodied Universality Part 1: The Universal Human
Universality is the experience of interconnected, interwoven non-locality. This course gives you a greater playing field and a greater sense of support. You gain abilities and the shields and the shades come off. You know much more than could have been comprehended just a short time ago.
It is a time of emancipation. You must walk out of your protections, because that’s where life really begins. Humanity is in a cycle of survival, now moving to a cycle of aliveness. Can you imagine how life can be when survival isn’t the goal?
The 10th dimension is growth beyond structures. There are no hiding places. If you can imagine how much comes out when there’s no place to hide. We expect that breakthroughs will show themselves in your world. What you learn will move out into the unified field so that others can begin to move beyond what has been possible, even beyond what can be fathomed. This experiment is to encompass consciousness that’s not limited by itself. Humans have never done this before.

When you realize that your being is not just yours, you have transcended into the Universal. It happens when you give up your addiction to your small identity. It is the realm of elders, of saints where you operate at a much more universal flow. We relate, not as an individual but as a Universal Being.

MARK: “In the 9th dimension you learned to have multiple perspectives. Once you can have multiple perspectives looking at each other, you have a web of interconnection. That web begins to be more important than the place from which you as observer are standing. Once you can perceive anything from everywhere simultaneously and you take away the observer position, you have the relationships between all things to all things. You are a node or a point of observation. All perspectives are nodes. The nodes are simply place holders or ending points for connection or relationships. When you move beyond the importance of the place holders or the nodes, the relationships become visible.
As you begin to sense relationship, the complexity of everything is much greater. Dimensions make huge shifts in threes. The first three dimensions give you your 3-D world. Dimensions 4, 5 and 6 give you a dimensional world that’s still within space and time. Dimensions 7, 8 and 9 are quantum worlds. Everything in the first nine dimensions has its base in reality. Reality has its base in experiencing or perception. From the 10th dimension on there is no experiencer necessary, no perception possible.
Groups of people have never been taken to these levels of awareness. This is new even for the guides. The word we’re using for the10th dimension, is relativity. Everything is relational to everything else. If one node is gone the universe changes because the relationships have changed. It’s important that every single node, every single possibility exists. In order to see this there can be no judgment, no right, no wrong, no higher, no lower.
You think of knowledge as being stored and as finite. Knowledge is actually created. It is spontaneous and momentary. Existence is spontaneously created. We understand that you want to see many things. If you’re going to be tormented or disturbed by what you see, then you should not ask for knowledge. As soon as you judge, you won’t see anymore. You will be asked to detach from judgment and the fear or dislocation that judgment brings. In order to have knowledge, your observer self must be transparent clear.
It is a great leap forward and all of you are ready. This experiment is to encompass consciousness that’s not limited by itself. Humans have never done this before. There are few civilizations on any star system that have been able to transcend their own consciousness. The breakthrough for humanity is that when you embody all other parts, no harm can be done. There can be no secrets. If enough humans can hold this awareness it explodes everything and the whole structure of space/time changes.
We thank you all for the blessing of your presence in a journey without destination. It is a beautiful co-creation of guides working with humanity. Inter-dimensional co-creation is truly unbelievable. We thank you. This is Mark. “
Join Mark as your cosmic travel guide, training you to understand and experience Quantum Consciousness at a level that is both deeply personal and profound. These on-going channeled classes are truly on the cutting edge of consciousness. Mark teaches by taking you to extraordinary states of grounded expansion, then explaining where you’ve been. Most journeys are beyond words, re-wiring you to be aware of vast dimensions outside of the ordinary. Feel free to join in, even if you have not listened to Power, Love, or Wisdom. Let your intuition be your guide.
You are changed. Not taught.
Note from Jonette:
In the past I have been hesitant to write too much about Mark because his style of experiential consciousness exploration is quite advanced and didn’t always appeal to beginners on the spiritual path. I just hoped that the people who were drawn to this accelerated work would feel it and come along and listen to the on-going Mark classes. And they have. There are groups all over the world who meet and listen to the Mark courses together on a regular basis.
With the openings since 2012 I the entire game has changed. How Mark teaches — by guiding you…even if you have never meditated before…on journeys that actually take you to expanded states of consciousness and higher dimensions, is exactly what we need right now. We can no longer just talk or think our way into higher states. We need to be taken there, having our own experience, and then have it explained. That is how Mark teaches. You don’t have to study what he says…in fact you can’t. You feel it and you change. Right then and there.
For 22 years I have been channeling Mark to small groups every week, preparing for the time when mass consciousness had reached the level where more people would be drawn to join in. Without a doubt, that time is now. If this is sounds like something for you, you can check it out by listening to scores of Mark audio classes, recorded live, that we have for free on our website.
If Mark is for you, you’ll know it and you’ll be hooked! The advancement is fast, surprising, and never ever boring! Our current course is Creation Part I: . If you are an adventurer, just jump in and start right where we are. If you want a little more background, begin by listening to Power, Love or Wisdom classes and catch up with us. Or start with CREATION and simultaneously catch up with earlier courses. CREATION represents the apex of our work so far.